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The Central Iowa Academy Of Collaborative Professionals (CIACP) is a consortium of Family Law attorneys who offer a cooperative way to divorce, unlike the traditional adversarial method. The CIACP trains and screens attorneys for membership, and is your best resource in Iowa for finding qualified collaborative lawyers for both you and your spouse. The CIACP is also your best resource in Iowa for finding qualified collaborative professionals such as Child Specialists and Financial Specialists they are available here.

Melissa S. Larson

Attorney & Mediator


Melissa S. Larson, P.C.

205 E. Iowa St., P.O. Box 317
Greenfield, IA 50849

I'm Melissa Larson, an attorney and mediator, wife and mother, reader and writer, photographer and traveler. Growing up a child of a contentious divorce, interning with and then practicing with an attorney whose work was mostly family law, and then branching out into my own firm have given me enough experience to know that there has to be a better way to help people make the split from one another. After taking mediation training and mediating family law cases, I realized that while mediation itself is a great tool, there had to be something more. In 2014 I learned about collaborative family law. It was inspiring to think that people who knew their romantic relationship was ending could come to the table and preserve at least something of their personal relationship and do so with dignity. Many times in the adversarial process of a divorce or custody case, there is not much dignity left by the end of it all, and people involved are ill equipped to move forward. So I decided to make collaborative law part of my practice, to help people divorce with dignity. I graduated from Winterset High School in 2000, and took my time deciding what I wanted to go to school for. When I returned to school, I started at DMACC and then finished my bachelor's degree in criminal justice at Grand View College in 2008. That line of study appealed to me because it was a wide array of coursework in psychology, sociology and political science. I earned my J.D. with high honors from Drake Law School in 2011 and have been practicing in Greenfield, Iowa ever since. In January of 2016, I opened my own general practice firm in Greenfield, serving much of central and southwest Iowa. I have a variety of cases in family and juvenile law, real estate, estate and business planning, and guardianship/conservatorships. I am a certified family law mediator, collaborative attorney, and also serve as guardian ad litem in a variety of cases. I recently began taking part in a pilot mediation program in Polk County for elder law and probate court. I would be honored to assist you in navigating one of the most trying times in a person's life and to help you make it through the process while maintaining your dignity. I do provide free initial consultations, and we can discuss your case to get a feel for what options are available to best suit your needs.

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